Auburn-Sacramento-Emeryville-Oakland-San Jose (Capitol Corridor)


Northern California runs a slower pace than its southern neighbours, despite its own busy commercial lifestyle. Part of the reason is that getting around is easier, cleaner and faster, and a critical part of the transport system used, whether for business or pleasure, is the Capitol Corridor rail route.

Developed to link the commercial centres of Sacramento and San Francisco, the rail service actually begins in the city of Auburn in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, and runs all the way past Oakland to San Jose on the southern tip of San Francisco Bay. So, while it is a short route at just 270 kilometres (168 mi), the Capitol Corridor is used by over 1.7 million passengers every year and unites northern California as one.


Why so popular? Well, on the Capitol Corridor, passengers avoid traffic, and can fully relax looking out on the beautiful countryside while in transit. It’s a perfect for lovers of the great outdoors, with bicycle racks provided in cars. The Folsom Lake State Recreational Area and Auburn Lake Trails lie near Auburn, the San Pablo Recreational Area and Wildcat Canyon Regional Park are both near Richmond, while the Cabot Regional Park near Oakland. Dozens more parklands lie within short bus-rides of the route too.

The train stops at the central locations in Emeryville and Oakland, making it perfect for commuters too. And with more than a dozen departures daily, almost everyone’s travel needs and schedule can be satisfied.

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