Chicago-Denver-Glenwood Springs-San Francisco (California Zephyr)


Stretching across two-thirds of the USA, and covering some 3,924 kilometres (2,438 mi), the California Zephyr is one of the most celebrated rail routes anywhere on the North American continent. Passengers are taken through starkly contrasting landscapes, introducing them the most complete picture of real America in the process. So, it’s not difficult to understand its popularity, with some 376,000 passengers welcomed onboard in 2012 alone.

Starting in the cosmopolitan hub that is Chicago, the California Zephyr passes through the expansive plains of Nebraska, the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains, the dramatic scenery of the Colorado Valley, the desolate beauty of the Utah desert, and the snow-capped Sierra Nevada before reaching its destination on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Emeryville, across the bay from San Francisco itself.

Along the way, the train stops at cities like Denver, Salt Lake City, Reno and Sacramento. From Emeryville, passengers can continue to San Francisco and Oakland stations via Thruway Bus Service.


On board the California Zephyr, your journey is tailored to ensure the best possible rail experience. Whether you travel in coach, where the seats are spacious with plenty of legroom, or in the luxury of a roomette or bedroom in its Superliner Sleeping Cars, your journey is certain to be an amazing experience.

Enjoy fine dining in the Dining car, and take in superb views of the passing landscape from the luxury of your seat in the Sightseer Lounge.

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